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Telecom CTI is an integrator of complete networking solutions, wireless and wired. We have an unmatched expertise in broadband wireless networking technologies and full range of network infrastructure. We can provide complete solutions for various markets and applications.

Our experience make it possible for us to identify, design and implement the most effective and economical turnkey solutions based on a combination of the latest technologies. We are able to provide a high level of pre-sale consulting and post-sale engineering support to our customers.

Telecom CTI's network solutions cater for a wide variety of applications, including VoIP setups, WiFi configuration, wide area networks, LANs, WAMs, WLAN (wireless

LAN - Local Area Network
LAN connects networking devices with in short spam of area, i.e. small offices, home, internet cafes etc. LAN uses TCP/IP network protocol for communication between computers.

WAN - Wide Area Network
As “word” Wide implies, WAN, wide area network cover large distance for communication between computers. The Internet it self is the biggest example of Wide area network, WAN, which is covering the entire earth.

Wireless - Local Area Network
A LAN, local area network based on wireless network technology mostly referred as Wi-Fi. Unlike LAN, in WLAN no wires are used, but radio signals are the medium for communication. Wireless network cards are required to be installed in the systems for accessing any wireless network around.

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